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Unique Hotdog Style in San Antonio, TX | (210) 704-7042

Unique Hotdog Style in San Antonio, TX | (210) 704-7042

About Us

How It All Started

I loved eating street hot dogs back in Puerto Rico. I've had many ( maybe too many) hot dogs here in San Antonio too, but there was always something missing. Was it ketchup, mustard, relish? No, not really. It was the experience watching and listening to someone who was passionate about getting it just right. That's the spice that was missing!

Now we are the Best Hot Dogs in Town!

After 32 years in the restaurant industry, I decided it was time for me to bring that Puerto Rican street hot dog "spice" to San Antonio. When you take a bite into one of these hot dogs, you're going to get a taste of some rich history, and mouth watering flavor all topped off with my passion for food. This is going to be an experience. They really are The Best Hot Dogs in Town!

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"These are a must try... Not your regular street dog!"

- Tamara S.